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It’s been a long, hot summer and IT IS NOT OVER YET!  One thing is for a sure, there is nothing like keeping cool with a high-blowing air conditioner, a cold glass of lemonade and a good book. 

Here is a rundown of what’s on our lemonade trays this summer.
E. Claudette Freeman

It’s Your Time
Author: Bishop Eddie L. Long

In this extremely compelling and at times confronting literary masterpiece, Bishop Long challenges you to have the boldness to: “Reclaim your territory for the Kingdom”.  In order to make true change and impact, we must truly change old and flawed paradigms.

It’s Your Time will help you to draw needed lines of demarcation of how you are going to make legitimate and lasting influence and impact upon your family, your Church, your community and culture…for generations to come. It’s YOUR Time to rise up and possess the Kingdom!!!

The Five Star Church -
Serving God and His People With Excellence

Author: Stan Toler and Alan Nelson

In this instructional and inspiring work, the authors elaborate on the imperative of reflecting God’s standard of excellence in all that we do for the Kingdom. To achieve extraordinary results we must serve extraordinarily. Scripture is replete with examples of how and why we must serve with distinction. Serving the Lord with gladness demands excellence of attitude and action.

The Five Star Church is a thoroughly compiled sub-text and manual for you to read and make needed application. Learn and allow God’s excellent glory to be revealed through your service.

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