The Best Remote PC Access Tools Worth Your Attention

Written by on November 13, 2019

The Best Remote PC Access Tools Worth Your Attention 

There are a number of useful tools wherewith you can help you improve the efficiency of your business, and remote PC access software programs are definitely among such tools. With the help of remote desktop software you can quickly access required files on your work computer from home, perform a number of PC maintenance tasks remotely, share your screen with colleagues and partners, and hold online conferences and meetings. Thus, remote access software programs facilitate team collaboration and help you streamline your workload. 

Though presently the remote desktop software market is overflowing with offers, selecting a suitable tool may be somewhat challenging. Most people pay attention to such criteria as cost, availability of advanced options, security, and sharing features when looking for a reliable remote access utility. Lots of users use programs like TeamViewer, which is arguably the most famous and widely used remote access tool on the market, to manage and control their files and perform a variety of other tasks remotely. Provided below are our top picks of the most efficient remote access software tools you may want to use on your computer. 


Developed by IDrive, which is expert at manufacturing data backup apps, RemotePC may come in handy should there be the need to remotely control or troubleshoot verified computers. RemotePC is famed for its intuitive and easily configurable interface. The program requires the installation, which, though, shouldn’t be bothersome to you. The manufacturer provides a plethora of guides and video tutorials which will help you not only quickly install the program but also tweak necessary settings and complete two-factor authentication. The program in question also boasts a number of useful features, among which are drag-and-drop file transfer, encrypted connection support, desktop shortcuts, video recording, automatic timeout, and many more features. 

RemotePC also allows for chatting with other users and web conferencing. This tool also can be used across multiple platforms and devices. So, if you opt for RemotePC you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of handy features without the need of verifying each device. 


If you’re looking for user-friendly, streamlined interface, multiple computer access, and secure connection to your computers, ability to chat between remote devices, and other handy features, you should definitely decide on Splashtop. This utility has been designed for individuals, small teams, and big businesses. Based on your needs, you can select one of the available subscription plans and get the most out of it. With Splashtop, you’ll be able to quickly access home and work computers and manage files on them when the occasion demands. Among the most notable functions Splashtop is famed for are convenient file transfer (unavailable in free personal plan), session logging, video recording, remote printing, remote wake-up and reboot, drag-and-drop feature, multi monitor display option, cross-platform support, and live chat. 


Another remote access tool worth your attention is LogMeIn. Though it’s not as versatile in terms of availability of advanced features, subscription plans, and supported platforms as its RemotePC and Splashtop counterparts, it’s not inferior to them in terms of its fast and secure remote PC access to Mac, Windows, and mobile devices. The program offers a plethora of handy management tools wherewith you can quickly control and access one PC from another. Moreover, LogMeIn boasts a diagnostic tool that can be utilized to monitor your remote computer’s health and troubleshoot any problems with your hardware and software. Those users who value security above all options will surely appreciate LogMeIn’s security features, which are truly impressive. The program relies on various layers of protection to ensure the safest possible protection of your sensitive and proprietary data. Such utilizes IP blocking and one-time password features. Moreover, the program will surely lock out your account after the specified number of failed login attempts. Other features include ability to use LogMeIn across multiple platforms, drag-and-drop file transfer, remote session recording, uncluttered, intuitive interface, remote printing, and whiteboard chatting. 


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