Music Review: Hooked by L. Spenser Smith

Written by on April 27, 2020

After an extended musical hiatus, evangelist, author and recording artist L Spenser Smith returns to the melodic landscape with an audible delight crafted over a collection of smooth soulful songs. Hooked is both the title of this well-rounded album and the impassioned experience the listener is sure to derive from listening to this gem.

Hooked kicks off with a beautiful ballad – Home – aimed to highlight the “Hero” to this musical adventure. With the simplicity of ivory keys, a message of grace and Smith’s vocals tying it all together, raw emotions are kindled and essential listening material is revealed.

There’s a lot to obsess about on this project. For instance, Smith collaborates with soul maven, Avery Sunshine on the title-track, Hooked an easy-breezy duet, that doubles down as the feel-good song on the musical anthology. L Spenser soars to soulful heights on For Me with Southern sensations, The Hamil-tones. The track masquerades as a D’Angelo throwback classic. But make no mistake about it, L Spenser Smith is all about the Kingdom, crooning like the Alabama church boy he’s always been. 

Two songs that stick out like diamonds in the ruff are the hit singles, The Cross Alone and Saint’s Remorse. On the first song, L Spenser Smith unveils his song writing savviness that burns bright with each verse and octave, revealing the effortless weaving of words to melody, making it a scintillating song for the ages. On the latter, L Spenser Smith earns your audible attention through his passionate vocals raging with remorse and repentance, as the Hammond B3 bellows in the background. 

Hidden gems like Truth About Love and The Morning After are compulsory listening materials due to its groove certification, washed in the Blood and baptized in the fire of forgiveness. Hooked is designed to tempt and trigger every emotion music can muster. It’s a project that performs at a high level, leaving you mesmerized and hooked, just the way L Spenser Smith intended.

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