Brian Courtney Wilson has done it again! His soul-stirring single, “ opens in a new windowAlways Peace,” has soared to the pinnacle of Gospel radio charts this week, marking a significant moment in his musical journey. As a 3-time Grammy Award nominee, Brian has earned his fifth number one single on both the Billboard Gospel Airplay and Gospel Mediabase charts, and I couldn’t be more thrilled for him!

“Always Peace” is a gem from his highly praised live album, opens in a new windowTransitions (2022). This song is more than just melody and rhythm; it’s a heartfelt plea for peace and a gentle reminder of the solace and comfort we can find in God’s embrace. It’s a message that resonates, especially in times like these, reminding us of the constant presence of divine peace and rest.

The song has received widespread acclaim and has been featured in television performances, including “The Sherri Show,” and was part of a sold-out tour in early 2023. opens in a new windowThe performance video of “Always Peace” has already garnered over 1.5 million views! Plus, Transitions has been nominated for a GMA Dove Award for Traditional Gospel Album.

Brian shared, “I am filled with gratitude that ‘Always Peace’ continues to resonate with so many, allowing them to experience the joy of relying on God’s grace, mercy, and peace.” It’s inspiring to see how his music connects with listeners on such a profound level.

Brian’s journey in the Gospel music scene has been marked by a series of hits, solidifying his place among his core audience with five consecutive number one songs. His previous chart-toppers include “Worth Fighting For” (2015), “A Great Work” (2018), the beautiful ballad “Still” (2021), and “Sure As” (2022), all of which have become foundational pieces in contemporary Gospel music.

Brian Courtney Wilson is not just a singer-songwriter; he’s a musical architect who seamlessly blends Gospel, R&B, and Soul, exploring diverse sounds while maintaining his signature smooth style that never fails to enchant audiences. His music is a beacon of light and hope, and I can’t wait to see what he brings us next!

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